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“Very professional. Work done quickly & painlessly” – Mr.Patrick Harrigan,  Michigan,USA.


“Accurate diagnosis. Very helpful & skilful handling.  I am very impressed with the overall performance” – Mr. Navin Chandran, IOB Regional office, Trichy. 20/12/2005


“Very professional, very patient oriented, very efficient. Keep it up” – Dr.Abraham John, Trichy 20/12/2005


“Thank you very much for the excellent professional work & for the patient listening”– Mrs.Vasanthi Bhaskaran ,Columbia, USA  13/01/2006


“Very good. I think this word is not enough to praise you” – Mrs.Auxeelia Jasmin, Trichy.


“Yeah. I am absolutely satisfied & of course I have come from U.K mainly to meet Dr.Peri. Thank you very much”- Mr.J.Rajesh , Perambalur 08/03/2006.


“Perfection thy name is Dr.Peri. I came here with a lot of confusion & fear. But, I am satisfied & feel that like a near & dear relative. Treated me in a well & good manner. Surely I ll recommend to my relatives and friends your hospital for the forth coming years. Thanking you for your service & your staff’s team work” – Mr. M.Jeeva, Kottaiyur. 22/03/2006


“Dr.VR.Peri is really professional in his approach. He cares, listens, advices & treats well. I am fully satisfied. The information guide introduces well about dentistry. Above all, doctor is systematic & responsible” – Fr.Gnani Raj, Kumbakonam. 22/05/2006


“We are consulting Dr.VR.Peri since 1997. We are extremely satisfied with his treatment, consultation, advice & medications.” –Mr. D.Anand Kumar , Trichy 13/09/2006


“Since March 2006, I am under the care of Dr.VR.Peri. He is very sincere in his duty & it reminds me of the saying that ‘Doctor is next to God’. Let Shri Rama bless him & his team with peace of mind, contentment & happiness” – Mr.N.S.Parthasarathy, Trichy 08/02/2008


“Exceptional competence & care. The best anyone can get. Good wishes for the good work” – Mr.Ashish Vachham, Trichy district Collector 14/02/2008


“Very very good service. I am fully satisfied from your service. Thank you” – Dr.M.Karpaga Sundari, Trichy


“Very attentive to patient needs. Excellent treatment. Very kind & ethical. Friendly atmosphere. Thank you for relieving my pain” – Dr.Sathvika, Trichy 08/09/2008


“Prompt and pleasing reception. Very good treatment & utmost care towards patients” – Dr.YC.Meena


“Very attentive & caring. Excellent diagnosis & treatment. Very helpful staff. Highly impressive” –Mr. P.Eraniyan, Singapore 28/12/2010


“Service & hospitality are excellent. Staffs are very polite & answer our doubts patiently & clearly. Overall its excellent” –Mrs.B.Vijayalakshmi, Srirangam


“Dr.Peri has been the one I have been to since I was a child. He is the only dentist I have ever visited & the only one I ever will” – Mrs.Anu Hasan (Actor), Trichy


“I am consulting the doctor for the past four years & find his treatment to be fantastic. I am visiting him yearly” – Mr.N.Sethuraman, Singapore


“Very good. Very very fast. Everyone is very polite. Very clean and hygienic” – Mrs.Vallikannu  Swaminathan, Singapore


“Excellent approach. Very polite. Treatment is better than in U.S & would like to come again” – Mr.Gerald Sebastian, USA


“Overall experience – excellent. Very friendly environment. All staff attends the clients with a warm smile. Doctor Peri :- Thank you for your excellent treatment” – Mrs. Abida Arunachalam, Trichy


“Very good, overall a great experience for me. Thanks to the cooperation of the support staff” – Mr.Dilip Jena, Kolkata 12/04/2012


“Appointment timings were adhered to. The assistants were courteous & friendly. The doctors were patient, friendly, answered all my questions & put me at ease. Continue the good work” – Mrs.Carmine D’Gama, Trichy


“Treated in an excellent way. The staff‘s were very polite. Happy to get treated in this hospital. Thank you” – Mr.Sandeep, Hyderabad 08/05/2013


“Doctors service & treatment are very good. Excellent staff & assistants. Very hygienic. Best place for dental care” – Mrs.V.Meera Trichy 22/02/2014


“Have been undergoing all my dental treatment with Dr.Peri & I am fully satisfied with his treatment” – Mr.J.M.Ghosh, Kolkata 27/07/2016


“Got a good result. Things were well explained by Dr.Peri. Very happy with the result” – Mr.Lenin, Trichy


“Very good treatment. Very concerned. Keep it up. Best wishes” – Mrs.I.Josephine, Trichy 24/04/2018


“Excellent treatment. Very good team of dedicated staff. Doctor is very caring, prompt & has a perfect approach. Really very good clinic. All the best” – Mrs.S.Janbagalakshmi, Trichy


“Excellent treatment. Very good hospitality. I will definitely recommend to all my friends & relatives” – Mr.A.Soundar Raj, Trichy 01/05/2018